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Universal Love Ministry

No Physical Address
Far Rockaway, NY 11694 United States

Contact: Pastor LaTrice Hughes
Email: universalloveministry@gmail.com

Universal Love Ministry
About This Company
Industry: Religious Institutions, Professional Training and Coaching, Individual and Family Services
There was always a calling on my life from God. I just didn't understand what it was. The things I was exposed to at an early age, influenced my decisions in life and my choice of partners. When I learned why I made bad decisions, I changed them for the better.

It is my mission to help other women young and older; to make alternative choices. It is when you decide to change your life, that your life starts to change. The most important thing I do know is I am nothing without God. He is my everything.

I think the misconception that most people have, is that you have to be perfect to come to God. That is untrue. He accepts you as you are. You learn from your mistakes and grow in him. I am here to encourage and empower you to see the best in yourself.

In helping you, I help myself. He created me to share my gift of speaking with the world. When you use your most special gifts, he continues to add increase. While understanding many of us come from different backgrounds, cultures and beliefs; it is not my intention to push what I believe off on you.

I have the power of prayer on my side. If you don't believe in God, that's alright. I will still speak with you and encourage you through what ever you are facing. I have learned that there is truth in each religion, although I may not personally identify with each one. Sometimes the one that can understand you better than anyone else, is the person that has experienced it herself.

My Ministry was created to help women and young adults to overcome the stigmas that others and society has placed upon them. I want to encourage and empower others to do more than they ever thought possible.

My Ministry is new and there are fees for speaking engagements, however you can go to my website to view my services. I do not have a physical location, but travel to different locations to give motivational speeches and offer encouragements to others.

Donations are appreciated. You will receive a receipt, with 10 days of receiving any donation.

Universal Love Ministry #strivingforgreatness

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