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Doctors Knox, Inc

PO Box 519
Wilsonville, OR 97070 United States
503 747-3760

Contact: Janice Knox

Doctors Knox, Inc
About This Company
Industry: Healthcare, Medical Practice, Biotechnology
The Doctors Knox are a family of doctors who are pioneers in the world of cannabis. We are the first family of Endocannabinology, the study of the function and dysfunction of a physiological system that is complex, mysterious and essential for life.

Our goals are to train all health care providers that want to change the direction of medicine and who controls medicine. It's no longer tenable that health is left up to big insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, tech companies or big business.

We're in the middle of a revolution similar to the industrial revolution. The Doctors Knox is here to usher in a new way of delivering health care that includes the total human being, not the one that has been carved up by over-specialization.