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The Ritz Group

4072 Spalding Hollow
Atlanta, GA 30305 United States

Contact: Larry White
Email: larry@ritzgroup.org

The Ritz Group
About This Company
Industry: Fundraising, Capital Markets, Financial Services
The Ritz Group monthly networking meeting, traditionally held at the Ritz, facilitates the introduction of entrepreneurs, early stage businesses, mezzanine and pre-IPO ventures to investors from the private sector and institutions in the state of Georgia. Investor invitees include angel investors, private equity firms, rainmakers, investment and merchant banking firms with individuals focused on acquisitions, startups and refinancing

The Ritz Group will add a social media-based Capital Community to connect entrepreneurs with investors, plus an electronic trade show for exhibitors raising capital called the Capital Expo. Together, they compliment the traditional Ritz Group physical meeting and take the fund raising networking experience to the next level. The new boards and technology platforms are re-positioned to make Georgia a leader in private capital investments