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Echospawn Studios

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orlando, FL United States

Contact: Nicholas Lustig
Email: Services@EchospawnStudios.com

Echospawn Studios
About This Company
Industry: Computer Games, Design, Entertainment
What we offer:
3D Modeling - Graphic Design - Visual Effects - Concept Art - Music Production - Sound Design - Programming - App Development - Animation

Echospawn Studios is an independent video game development and animation studio currently in the development stages of Xion- (a sci-fi, platformer, adventure game) and Lumora®- (a brain teaser, Puzzle game.) With hard work, dedication and passion, we hope to bring new and revolutionary games to all mobile markets as well as pc/mac/and consoles. Not only are we developing games, but we hope to build a community by offering free tutorials on game asset creation and pipeline production. We have also started creating asset packs to help with quick start development and training purposes. With a great team of individuals, we can only hope that our passion shines through anything we work on.