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Internet Music ltd

55 Kentish Town Road Camden Town
London, NW1 8NX United Kingdom

Contact: Thor Pettersen
Email: thor@internetmusic.ltd.uk

Internet Music ltd
About This Company
Industry: Music, Entertainment, Internet
More disruptive for the music industry than Skype was for the telecom industry.

What is Internet Music?

Recent a wave of dissatisfaction has risen In the Music community over the payouts from streaming services.

It is time to reboot the Music Industry and change Not-getting-paid into Fair pay for music"!

Over the last year, a revolution has taken place on the internet.
You probably heard about bitcoin, the new type of currency on the internet build upon the "Bitcoin protocol".
"The Bitcoin protocol" replaces the banker and by doing so removes the cost of any intermediary and at the same time records all transactions in a public ledger called the block-chain.

This technology can be transferred to the principle of Internet Music and a way to change the entire royalty tracking and payment system.

Internet Music technology is designed to enhance creativity by shielding creative people from the complexity of digital marketing, project funding and copyright administration - so they can maintain security in income while concentrating on creating wonderful music.

We are ready to launch the digital marketing and project funding (crowdfunding) platforms in 2Q 2015 and will present copyright administration and registration (with fair payments within hours not years) during Midem 2015 in June.

Internet Music - owned and controlled by songwriters, composers and artists.