Add an Image to a Tweet Ad

Adding an image to a tweet ad can make a big difference in how many people notice the tweet ad and how many times it gets retweeted by other people on Twitter. You can add an embedded image to your tweet ad in three simple steps:

Post the image on Twitter yourself
Get the Twitter image URL
  • A special image URL is generated by Twitter, after you've posted the image in a tweet. Go to the tweet that you posted in Step 1, and we'll show you how to find the image URL.

  • Click on the image in your tweet, and your tweet will open again in an overlay.

  • Click on the More icon (...) in the bottom right, and select Share Via Direct Message.

  • You're not actually going to send a direct message to someone, so click the Close icon (X) in the top right.

  • Now, you're back to your tweet in the overlay, BUT you'll notice that there is an image URL (e.g., added to the bottom of your tweet text. This is the image URL that you need!

  • Copy the image URL, and then paste it in the next step.
Paste the Twitter image URL into the box when you create your tweet ad on 40Billion
  • Now that you have the Twitter image URL that you'd like to embed in your tweet ad, continue creating your tweet ad or go to to get started.
  • Paste the Twitter image URL into the box below "2. Enter your link URL"

  • Finish creating your tweet ad, and complete your purchase.
  • That's it! The Twitter image URL will be appended to your tweet ad automatically when our system promotes your tweet ad, and your image will be embedded in your tweet ad when it's posted on Twitter for everyone to see.