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11/9/2018 9:05:56 AM 

We are living in a wonderful time. In a time when a food delivery app replaces a trip to the restaurant, when we can put the entire shop in our pocket having no need to go to an ordinary mall, when we can watch 3D movies without leaving the sofa. Digital products are no longer locked up in our devices. Read more...

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10/31/2018 6:41:38 AM 


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10/26/2018 3:56:16 AM 

With a flourishing mobile development industry, every smartphone user can do whatever he wants from the comfort of his home. The lack of a free time to attend foreign language classes or to go to the gym is not a problem anymore because everything you need is a dedicated mobile application. Read more...

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9/21/2018 2:29:00 AM 

How to create an app like Instagram

How to create an app like Instagram
Follow these simple steps to build your own alternative to Instagram:
Step 1. Research the market and learn your competitors
Step 2. Define your target audience and features they might like
Step 3. Consult with a reliable specialist or company
Step 4.

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9/13/2018 7:03:25 AM 


Today we'll discuss a really interesting topic with you. Are you ready? We have an age-old question at play - what should you do to become popular? Perhaps, you may suppose the article will be about the popularity of applications. Yes, you guessed it. But not only!
In this article, we will cover the mobile development but also we'll reflect on how to become a popular vlogger (video blogger). Read more...

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