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About Leonard
Status: N.B.P main goal is to get its songwriters exposure money&recognition


Im a songwriter/from Charleston S,C. who went to school for publishing,
And Entertainment law

Resumé / Bio

If your looking for a ghost writer for your next project or your just having a bad case of writers block.
Let N.B.P help you profect your craft and set you up with the best songwriters that would best fit you,,
Call for prices
Hooks\Verses\Full song\CD\1on1sessions time varies.....

Work Experience



Interests: My goal is to educate young up incoming Artists about whats really going on in this music bussiness.
So they could really captivate and live off of they're God given talents..
Honors / Awards: I've received countless Awards, certificates And prizes over the last 6 years for my God given talents.
And im Affiliated. With some of the smartest bussiness minded people you could ever be around. So you tell me if i qualify as a Bussiness capable in getting the job done....
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