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With a background in business development, project management, creative direction, as well as a strong portfolio in branding, graphic design, film and game development. I am always seeking to help others realize their goals and aspirations while always pursuing my own with fierce determination.

As founder of Urban Fox Media located in beautiful British Columbia BC, I hope to create a company that focuses on inter activity in its web series and games alike. I strive to marry the new wave of interactive entertainment in video games with web series surrounding the games IP, to really immerse the player or viewer in our intellectual properties.

Being the Director, Writer, Producer, manager and business developer for the last 3 years on the web series 4Villains, and now heading up the one man game development of The Pirates of Haven, I have brought and incubated both these projects from inception to full production.

Specialties: Flash Animation, Matte Artistry, Design, Choreography ( Swordplay and other weaponry) Team Management, brand management, Film Production, Film Direction, Pre & Post production, Business Development, WordPress Development, Game Development. Artistic Direction and Marketing.

Resumé / Bio

I have well over 8 years of experience in the web development and design industry ranging from print media, branding, full flash sites, traditional HTML / CSS sites as well as experiences in both Drupal and WordPress.

I spent 2 years teaching the adobe suite at VSBT under the principles Chris Deakins' direction. I also spent 2 years working for a company which has since closed its doors called Artemis PR & Design as their senior web design and developer.

You can view my online portfolio for the work I did with Artemis here:

You can also check out my personal projects including my independently developed and produced board game The Pirates of Haven, and the serial running web series I created, wrote, directed, produced, and starred in called 4 Villains. You can also read my personal web comic I have written, drawn by the love of my life of 12 years Natalie Harvey.

These projects are still ongoing, and in both cases I am responsible for the web development, web presence online marketing distribution, project management, production, mobile application development and management of the sites.

You can View these projects here:

With 4Villains, for 3 years I managed upwards of 20 people working on the project, assigning tasks, scheduling shoots, finding locations, building shot lists event planning for our attendance to various conventions and more. Added to that I developed the interactive fully featured social network for our fans to get involved with our show. I have also added many gameification qualities to the site such as points, achievements and and online arcade.

With the Pirates of Haven I have done everything from branding, web development, all artwork, as well as developing and producing the game in its entirety on my own.

Feel free to search my name in Google and find all the other various projects I have worked on over the years as well as the cross site branding I created for my projects across twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

You can also see my professional background on linked in which houses several other online portfolios.

I specialize in producing and managing projects, but have the technical skills to back them when needed to jump in and get my hands dirty.

January 2009 - Present (4 years 1 month)
A new interactive fan driven web series, backed by a new up and coming Game. Our show allows fans to become part of our story and drive our episodes , all while interacting with our game and immortalizing there characters within it.

Owner Operator
Urban Fox Media
January 1999 - Present (14 years 1 month)Victoria B.C.
Owner and Operator as well as Creative Lead for Urban Fox Media.

Urban Fox Media Has expanded to become much more then a web development company but has grown to include a film production team , and game development team who are working together to create interactive social games like never before.

At Urban fox media we create engaging and interactive web series tied to digital communities that let eh fans grow our cannon and expand our creations. Soon we hope to take the next step by building games for the digital & mobile platforms to bring a new kind of viewer immersion.

John Skipp
Owner, Creative Licence Design
Creative Licence Design uses Jeff for all of our back end Web work, Jeff consistently supplies us with outstanding work on time and with perfect results - It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend him and his services to anyone looking for a great website!

Senior Web / Flash / Drupal Developer
Artemis PR & Design Inc.
March 2007 - August 2008 (1 year 6 months)
Senior Lead Developer for all Web, Flash and Drupal Applications at Artemis PR & Design Located in Victoria BC

Instructor / Private Tutor
VSBT Victoria School of Business Technology
March 2004 - May 2005 (1 year 3 months)
Teaching the Adobe Suite(Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks) to classrooms ranging from 5 to 15 students as well as private one on one lessons

Work Experience


Web Design, Web Design and Development

Web development, Web Design and Development

Web Development, Web Design and Development


Interests: New technology, Gadgets, Gaming, Animation, Multitude of Instruments, Choreography.
Honors / Awards: Skills Canada 2000 2nd Place 3d Animation and Production
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