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«Το Μυστικό των Θεών» Εκδόσεις 'ΑΡΧΕΤΥΠΟ-ΜΕΤΑΕΚΔΟΤΙΚΗ' 2002 - Σειρά: Λογοτεχνικό Σύμπαν

«ΟΝΕΙΡΕΜΑ-Η Μυστηριακή Κοσμοθεωρία των Αυστραλιανών Aborigines» Εκδόσεις 'ΑΡΧΕΤΥΠΟ-ΜΕΤΑΕΚΔΟΤΙΚΗ' 2008 -
Μυστικές Διδασκαλίες & Θεωρίες

«Νευρώνες Κάτοπτρα» (πρωτότυπη έρευνα)
«Human Design System» (συνέντευξη)

The Secret of the Gods - Screenplay Story & Screenplay © by Irene Leonardou (based on Irene's Leonardou book).

Articles writer at AVATON Metaekdotiki:
«Θεωρίες Δημιουργίας»
«Εσωτερικός Διάλογος»
«Ιερή Γη»
«Το Μυστικό του Χαμένου Παραδείσου»

Articles writer at ORION Publishing Group:
«Εξέλιξη, Αριθμολογία & Homo Gestalt»
«Μυστικό Όνομα»
«Ατομική Ουσιαστική Ύπαρξη - Α.Ο.Υ.»
«Ο Μύθος που δεν ήταν Μύθος»
«Χερσόνησος Κασσάνδρας»
«Νόηση, Εγκέφαλος & Συστήματα Αντίληψης»
«Βαλπουργία Νύχτα»
«Ηχητικό Ρεύμα Ζωής»
«Το Νόημα, το Ποίημα & η Βαθμολογία»
«Καθρέφτη, καθρεφτάκι μου»
«Mary Poppins»
«Το Ρόδο και το Αγκάθι»
«Ο Ένοικος στο Κατώφλι»
«Εξώκοσμη Σαγήνη»
«Συμπύκνωση Χρόνου»
«Κατάλυση Ρόλων»
«Εσωτερική Ενότητα & Κοινωνικές τρικλοποδιές»
«Αίλουροι Θεοί»
«Υπεραισθησιακή Επικοινωνία»
«Δυσμενείς Συντονισμοί»

Resumé / Bio

Irene Leonardou was born in January 1959 in Thessaloniki, Greece and graduated at Valagianni Institute (literary lycee) in 1977.

She studied Classical Ballet at the School of Dance Ballet Center and classical guitar at the National Conservatory of Northern Greece.

She began writing from a very young age. Her first script she wrote (for her pleasure) when he was thirteen years old and was an episode of Star Trek series.

Her first book, titled "The Secret of the Gods", was published by "Archetypo" publications.

Her articles, regarding esoteric matters and the research of the unexplained, have been published in "Avaton" and "Anexigito" magazines.

Her screenplay "The Secret of the Gods" an adaptation of her book received many awards in International Festivals and looks for producers.

Her personal main belief is that the most important thing for a human being is to never stop exploring the mystery of life itself!

Work Experience


Valagianni Institute
Lycee, Literary


Interests: Investing, reading, writing, new technology, swimming
Honors / Awards: My screenplay of my book The Secret of the Gods¯ received:

Official Selection Beverly Hills International Film Festival 2009

Honorable Mention Los Angeles International Film & Script Festival 2010

Best Independent Spirit Screenplay Angel Film Awards Monaco International Film Festival 2010

Official Selection Love Unlimited Film Festival and Art Exhibition 2011

Official Selection Hollywood Screenplay Contest 2011

Official Selection LGFF 2011

Honorable Mention Los Angeles New Wave International Film Festival Fall 2011

Official Selection Awareness Festival 2012
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