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Status: Creating content to help you figure out, set, & accomplish your goals


After launching several businesses, I decided I wanted to help others achieve their goals. Countless times I've been asked "How did you do that?" when I told someone I produced a show in Las Vegas after living here for less than a year or when I told them I launched my own recruiting company after working with another company for a year.

Setting daily, weekly and monthly goals - and following through with them - was the key to my success, as was having the right attitude and feelings about what I could accomplish. I created to help you achieve YOUR success.

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I'm a licensed attorney (Georgia, inactive status) and serial entrepreneur. My passion in life is creating content to help others figure out and realize their dreams.

Please visit for more information and to download your free report: 5 Things Successful People ALWAYS Ask (and 5 They NEVER Ask).

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