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About nada
Status: foriegn depratmen works


gianed excellent experience in all bank tasks specially L/Cs and L/Gs field plus accoutning treasury and all related works

Resumé / Bio


Name Nada Al shakhshir
Date Of birth Kuwait 11/04/1973
Address Al terah-Ramallah
Martial Statue Married
Telephone 02-2950313/0599-522138

Education :

1994 - 1997 University of Beirut Lebanon, Beirut
Bachelor Degree in accounting and finance
Some other knowledge in ( business law, statistics, financial management, and banking ).

Working Experience

November 2009 to DATE

Foriegn Department supervisor (HEAD OFFICE):

*supervsion all matters related to foreign banks in trade finance issues.
Obtaining and deal with 13 branches and offices in West Bank and Gaza:
1)Regarding outdoor and indoor letter of credit.
2)Outdoor and indoor bills of collection.
3)Outdoor guarantees.

Trained the branch employees by holding several workshops to improve their skills on dealing with all related matters to Letters of Credits and foreign correspondents by swift .

Al Quds Bank for development &Investment West Bank - Ramallah
November 2007 to November 2009:
(Head OF L/C&L/G Department) :
1.Conducting all steps necessary to issue L/C according to applicant's request.
2.Issuing L/Gs for different purposes according to Bank's policies and procedures.
3. Coordinating with correspondent banks-mainly Israeli Banks- regarding all issues related to L/C s & L/G s.
4. Performing the necessary entries related to L/C & L/G.

1st of February 2007 to 08th Novmber2007:
Head Of Back Office of the Treasury Department:
1. Handing all the jobs pertaining to the back office, posting transaction,
2. settlements, payment instruction.
3. Covering all branches FX Deals
4. Monitoring all branches FX positions.
1st of December 2002 to 30th of January 2007
Head Of Accounting Department.
1. Preparing the Monthly reports required by the PMA.
2. Supervising in reconciling our accounts with :
PMA (Palestinian Monetary Authority)
Israeli Banks (USD-EURO- Other Foreign Currencies)
The branches of the Bank (10 Branches)
3. Performing all steps related to the accounting cycle.
4. Checking up the monthly financial statements.
5. Building filing system for the accounting department.
6. Gaining very good communication skills being a supervisor the accounting department.

15 March 2002 to 15 September 2002
UNDP-UNV Program Ramallah, Palestine
UNV Coordinator
Prepared Correspondence, special reports, evaluation and justifications as required on general administrative and financial matters in coordination with several Palestinian ministries including specialized tasks that may require financial auditing.

1st of July 2001 To 1st of March 2002
UNDP - UNV Program Ramallah, Palestine
Project & Administrative Assistant
Performed Analyses and maintained an overview of the work of the office to ensure that timely administrative support is provided in general, specialized and non-specialized work .
Assisted the senior staff in the area of the office management. Arranged for and/or attended meetings on day-to-day administrative matters, participated in discussions of new revised procedures and practices, interpreted and assessed the impact of changes and made recommendations for follow-up action.
Prepared correspondence, special reports, evaluations and justifications as required on general administrative or specialized tasks that may be of a confidential nature within the assigned area of responsibility.
Prepared the budget and retrieved information on allotment accounts and availability of funds; issued and revised sub-allotment; and updated allotment lists.
Checked for each source of funding computer listings of expenditure by program area and allotment code, and compiled information in computerized summarized reports to identify area- or under-expenditure.
Prepared journal vouchers, when necessary.

January 2000- June 2001
Palestine Commercial Bank Ramallah, Palestine -
Worked in the department of accounting- Central Office.
Prepared the annual budget using several software.
Proposing modifications to enhance the software specialized
to perform salaries as well as pension fund , insurance and retirement .
Worked in the field of funds transfer , certified f
Cheques and bank guarantees .
Prepared the reconciliation statement and all related expenditure in the central office and the other branches.
Prepared the monthly budget according to the procedures set by the bank in coordination with the Palestinian Authority (Ministry of Monetary)
Additional Skills:
Excellent knowledge of computer using accounting software program and others such as ( word, excel, and data base ).
Course :
Training corses in letter of credits latest version UCP 600 (palestine)and (Jordan)
MIS(Mangment Information System)
Updates in SWIFTS
Foreign Exchange course - Financial Analysis-Communications and Negotiaions skills course.( Other curses in different fields)

Languages: Arabic : Mother tongue
English very good

Work Experience

Palestine inveatment bank
2009 still working


Beirut Arab Univirsity
bachelor dgree, accounting


Interests: improving and followingup all updates in trade finance and specially l/cs) field
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