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Status: Homebound Service For Cancer Patient.


i have medical background. i have work with cancer patient in my line of work. i took care of family memebers and friends who had a caring person and love to help those who can and can't help them self i got into the medical feild becaues there where my heart lead me to so i love helping people who need the help and who can;t do it a lone..

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Debra caine is my real name.i was born and raise here in Birmingham,Al i went to woodlawn high school i have five sister and five brother.both my parents has past and i have two college and the other@fulkner.i had three people i love died of cancer and i help them to face a mirror in there lives and i what to do that for other people who need a smile.and who need to see there is a rainbow out there with lots of colors.

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Interests: im opening up a homsbound service for cancer help them faces the mirorr of life and to understand you don't have to do this a lone i know you have family and friends but im there also to help make you smile and tell a storie. i will come and do makeup.try on our nails together. footcare.and what ever you desire..
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