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Status: XD-Xtreme Power Energy Drink


June 1, 2016

XD. LLC. primary aim is to promote a mutually beneficial and sustainable business partnership that will benefit the parties involved as a whole, by emphesizing and serving our Investors interest to achieve their investment goals in the best possible way with our current focus raising early stage startup capital for our own XTREME Natural Energy Drink with 3 USA Patents that has ambitious founder and Inventor Ken Ruelin brought aboard Tim Venables that is presenting XTREME with an unique approach to both the consumer and the Sports Industry that' is scaleable Internationally through COSTCO Wholesale.

Our XTREME Energy Drink is a power drink with exceptional composition that provides your body with extra energy for 12 hours unlike anything on the World market today during times of increased physical strain or stress. XTREME contains taurine & glucuronolactone,
two important metabolic transmitters,and caffeine as well as important vitamins,
carbohydrates and inositol.This unique composition of ingredients has the following effect:

•Increases physical endurance and metal alertness & performence
•Improves reaction speed & concentration
•Stimulates metabolism & increases stamina
•Improves blood circulation and the coordination of the central nervous system
•Enhances muscle tone at unbalanced electrolytic level
•Contributes to detoxification of harmful substances in the body
•Reduces stress recovery period

Distribution Channel - Headquarters COSTCO Wholesale http://costco.com
Washington USA - Founded July 12, 1976; 40 years ago (1976-07-12) (as Price Club) - Over 700 warehouses - Revenues Increase US $116.553 billion (2015)

Costco Wholesale s a multibillion dollar global retailer with warehouse club operations in 10 countries. Costco is a recognized leader in their field thats dedicated to quality in every area of business and respected for their outstanding business ethics. Despite our large size and rapid international expansion, Costco continues to provide an atmosphere in which their employees thrive and succeed that seeks ambitious, energetic people who enjoys a fast-paced team environment filled with challenges and opportunities to expand both products and expansion. Costco's successful employees are service-oriented with integrity and commitment toward a common goal of excellence.

Everyone's Looking For A Boost...

The world loves caffeine. It's not only addictive, but also a ubiquitous and key ingredient in many of the world's most popular beverages. Coca Cola® now reaches thirsty people in remote African villages, while early morning lines out the door at your local Starbucks® are everyday occurrences. In the US alone, the coffee industry is worth $30 billion in 20131 with more than 24,000 coffee shops.2

Additionally, consumers are gulping down caffeinated energy drinks while worldwide demand comes from the growing middle class in rapidly developing countries. In fact, energy drinks like Monster® and Red Bull® led this segment to grow 60% from 2008 to 2012.3

Most of the brands present in energy drinks in South Africa continue to experience limited unit price growth. The continuous entry of small brands has placed immense pressure on the category's established players to offer their products at competitive prices as consumers now have a wider range of products to choose from. Lower unit prices have been one key entry point for various players as they continue to exploit demand among lower LSM consumers, with most energy drinks brands cost 50% less...

Business plan portfolio and presentation available upon request and pre-qualification to discuss. Website, social media and PR now being setup and to be in play by Summer 2016.









XD, LLC. is offering 49% vested interest to JV-Joint Venture with us due to the Nature of our three (3) year business model thats is scaleable and is off the charts for domestic and International manufacturing and distribution. We we are seeking mutual business relations only with those that have financial abilitys

Master Licensees

* Private Investors - $1M on up

* Private Banks

* Private Trusts

* Hedge Funds


Tim Venables
XD-XTREME Power Energy Drink
Gmail: Goldenincomecorporation@gmail.com

Resumé / Bio

Tim is savvy, no-nonsense business advisor-consultant with two prior business startups at age 23 year old since 1980's and has held mid-to-senior level positions after leaving the U.S.Military in 1982
Tim was the first to work on in 1985 the first IT-Beta ICD Software used for Electronic Claims Processing for hospital based docs known as ICD9 Medcial Claims submission ECS to 75% of the major private Insurance carriers that allowed turnaround payment time within 10 banking days !!!

1980S = 80/20 Medical Plans ...

Work Experience

Computerized Management Services, Inc.
Managing Partner
Jan 1984-Dec 1999

Credit Bankers Collection Agency
Operations Director
1991 - 1994

TV Express Auth #321748
Owner Small Semi Tractor Trailer Fleet
Oct 1994-Dec 1999

Golden Income Corporation Est 2000
CEO-Chairman of Board
Jan 2000 - current

Los Angeles Horse Rescue
Board Member
Jan 2000 - Nov 2010

U.S. Military
Combat Engineer

Howards 76 Gas Station
Ast. Manager - P/T While Attending High School


U.S. Military Academys
BNCOC & PNCOC, Leadership

Reseda High School
High School Diploma, Standar Course Studys

Arkansas College
Certification, Transportation - Logistics - CDL

Learning Tree University

IBM Business Partner


Interests: Humantarian causes that make a difference and impact on ones lifes

Preserving the U.S.A. Constitution !

Conservative not Communism !!!
Honors / Awards: US Military 2 Military Academys

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