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journeyman ironworker, programming (HTML/CSS/PHP/Infinity Loops 2x2 Crowdfund Funding

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I went into iron work erecting buildings and building bridges, some in LA, some in AZ, Ok, AR, FL, back in 1991 I was erecting a building and fell 3 stories, you would think that after some 15 years in the trade I would know better? The good news is I did not bounce when I splattered on the concrete LOL, but I did get a brain injury and some artificial parts.

The worst thing about this is the brain injury and my feet, both feet shattered when I landed on them, very difficult to walk!!

After I learned to walk again I went back to studding direct sales along with some programming (HTML/CSS/PHP and so on). I have always loved it anyway, as I can't do physical work anymore.

On the issue of falling three stories, I was very angry at myself for a long time, and it took over for years to come to terms with this issue and the absolute boredom of not being able to go out and do what I loved so very much. So I have come to terms with this, and now I'm just a Jolly Good Fellow!

Now on the Issue of Crowdfunding, I learned about Infinity Loops 1 month ago, (at the time of this post)

I have been showing other people how to Crowdfund the Infinity Loops way, this has been easy for me when I explain that we are not alone in this, we are One Big Group of 2x2 Infinity Loop Crowdfunders helping each other the Infinity Loops way!

Infinity Loops crowdfunding is a fundamental shift in Crowdfunding that is happening Right Now!

For instance: Traditional Crowdfunding can be expensive once you take into account your fees, rewards, costs, and your own time! Reputational risk are also associated with potential failure of your Crowdfund Campaign. I know I have been there!

You have to be in front of Thousands and Thousands of people all the time, people who are sympathetic about your cause or problem just for a one time Crowdfunding payment to work and meat you're Goals. Plus you need to have Decent Business Skills and a Lot of Time!

This is where Infinity Loops 2x2 follow me comes into play when combined with Crowdfunding.

You See You Don't Have To Do this Alone! We have Infinity Loops, One Big Family Of Crowd Funders Donating! Thousands and Thousands of people are doing crowdfund now!

Just look at the market you have!

Teachers are turning to crowdfunding, Boomers
And Millennial's Are Turning to Crowdfunding,
Struggling US families turn to crowdfunding,
Venture Capitalists Are Turning to Crowdfunding,
Colorado teachers are turning to crowdfunding,
Valley couples turning to crowdfunding


This is becoming the number one way to get funding!

Just Google this ( Turning to Crowdfunding )
and see for your self!

Let's Face it The Banks Will Not Fund Them
Venture Capitalists Are Turning to Crowdfunding!

This is what You have at your fingertips,

An Inexpensive crowd funding platform Just
for You so that you can help these people
get what they need and want, and that's funding!

The number of people who WILL start their own
home based business and will need Funding from
now and the next 5 years is staggering.

You get your cause or problem funded like everyone else that's involved with the World Wide Infinity Loops Crowdfunding Platform.

How to set up a Infinity Loops campaign and start up your platform for as little as $30. One Time!

Learn how people from all over the World will donate you money every month, every week, every day, Plus you get your donations every day!

Learn how to plug into this Fundamental shift in Crowdfunding called Infinity Loops.

Remember Crowdfunding is totally legal World Wide!

Go to this website to find out how to receive all the information you need in order to get all the Donations that you would ever want or need for the rest of your life!

Get FREE Information Here!

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Interests: Showing other people how to set up there own CrowdFunding Platform using Infinity Loops
Honors / Awards: Hard Work!
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