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My background is in Business and Music, and I know how frustrating running a business can be. However, these songs I wrote as my gift to God, and if you ever feel the need for a boost, for joy,or if you're having a bad day; just listen to these songs and I am confident you'll sing along and have a better day.

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I grew up in New York where I was exposed to music at a very young age of eight years old. I sang in the Male chorus in my church and that's where I got my start. I started leading songs and putting my own style into the songs the church wanted me to sing. As I got older I was introduced to Hip Hop music in the seventies and the European sound, plus R&B music. This is what developed my style plus I put all those influences in my music today. By the time I got to college I was writing original songs and performing in musical groups I developed. Now I'm a Solo artist that went back to my roots in Gospel music, and want to share it with the world. So Shout It Out From The Roof Tops that Brian C Turner has arrived.

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Interests: Reading, Thinking of new business developments, Writing Ideas for Business, and Entertainment
Honors / Awards: Outspoken endorsements in sales for the development of my territories. Awards for the most sales in a given month and most sales for the first month in Life Insurance
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