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About Surender
Status: We help you find your dream home in Delhi


Rental South Delhi is based out of the territory of South Delhi. It is based on relocation / hiring property on rent within South Delhi. This company is focused on providing professional services related to finding a home on rent.
We specialize in luxury homes in South Delhi. Offering the complete picture of finding your new home. We are proud to offer the highest quality and fully customized home inspection services. We are passionate about finding the home of your dreams.

Resumé / Bio

Realtor Surender Singh, your renting specialist for hi-value residential properties in posh south Delhi I only do residential renting. I know South Delhi like the back of my hands. I tactfully fish out super primly located hi-value houses for TO-LET which are seldom advertised because their owners consider this below their dignity. Real Estate is my professional passion. I offer you a comprehensive 'Single-Window-Service' right from giving you a free 'induction-cum-orientation' tour in our car of various residential colonies to familiarize you with their salient features; to help you choose the most appropriate house to draft the Lease Agreement and getting it registered. As 'after-sale-service' I stand by you without additional charges to get you acquainted with the city and the infrastructure that you might need on a day-to-day basis.

Work Experience

Rental South Delhi



Interests: Over the years, we have helped settle individuals and expatriates belonging to renowned MNCs, diplomatic embassies and other international organizations such as WHO, United Nations, The World Bank etc. Our commitment towards transparency and ease of business has resulted in long term associations and mutual trust with our clients.
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