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What do you want from a traveling agency? A big name, a hyped logo, an entourage following or simply a assusive service that satisfies your purpose of traveling to begin with. Now we can tell you many things that we are not and hide many that we are but simply putting it on the plate we are what you may or may not relish but what you are longing for from a travelling agency. Due to a long time association and connections with traveling agencies and their working before coming into this business we know about the blood and bone of the business and traveling profession. Residing in a small town of shimla (Vikasnagar) we operate to take the best out of our connections that we have gained in years of working in this field and to give you utmost out of your trip. We like to keep it simple that's what we do no jargons no long ass discriptions and details which you probably won't even read. To be true we all are here for profit and for best deals so lets just keep it to that. Thank you for giving it time of your life to read.
Address: kanwer villa, near SBI branch Dhalli Shimla, Himachal Pradesh 171006.
Phone: 9805461211
Links: www.queenvalley.co

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