Edwin  Tembo

Founder and CEO- Edwin-T Golf Inc. 
Bellevue, NE, United States
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About Edwin
Status: Growing the business, entering new markets.


Business professional with a background in analysis, strategy, and administration.

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Age 30, has over 18 years of experience in golf, and was on a golf scholarship at King College, Bristol, TN, from 2000- 2001, as the number two starter, before moving to Phoenix, Arizona in late 2001. He has also spent 3 years as a golf equipment and accessories salesperson at Golfsmith International, a leading national golf equipment and accessories retailer, in Chandler, Arizona. From this experience, he gained both the technical and business knowledge of the golf equipment and accessories industry. He holds a bachelor's Degree in Healthcare Administration from Bellevue, University in Bellevue, NE and was also a Registered Broker with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA, formally NASD) for 2 years. Also possess certifications in business strategy, business analysis, and enterprise resource planning.

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Interests: Golf, Music, Business, Financial Markets.
Honors / Awards: 2010 Startup Nation Competition - Most Innovative Category.
Website / Blog: http://www.edwintgolf.com
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