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I have a viable business opportunity in the real estate sector dealing with niche high-end luxury properties.  The vision is to open a new ventricle into the market and increase luxury product visibility and sales while controlling a margin of the attainable active market in line with our Brand bolstering major hubs most luxurious line ups.  This brand will create its own sphere of influence through SEO recognition as a Trusted, guaranteed and verifiable source for all things Luxury around the globe.

This is a unique niche business model and opportunity. This virtual business strategy will open an advantageous method to cover more ground partnering with Industry leading Brokerages, Brokers, and Affiliates with less over head and fixed cost reducing variable spending with full site automation that will significantly enhance the bottom line.

By providing the ambiance, landscape and convenient online tools will make these decadent, high-end discoveries easier to act on creating its own sense of urgency based on the ease of navigation; whether its location, amenities or the unique architecture and design in a market of higher stakes with a platform designed for Domestic and Foreign buyers.

I look forward to arrange a mutually convenient time to meet and converse on a broader scope with details, potential strategy and implementation.  Thank you again for entertaining this lucrative concept of making a niche line up in the luxury market more accessible.  I am in great hopes to discuss and meet soon.


S.C. Francis

Resumé / Bio

Developed sales techniques and approaches that were proven successful.
In depth knowledge into new technology and applications negotiating contracts and business takeovers on the spot.
Gained customer referrals through chrismal introductions, product and service satisfaction.
Oversaw and directed day-to-day activities of diverse sales, IT support and customer service.
Negotiated all aspects of any dilemma and successfully handled difficult clients and complex situations to each party's satisfaction maintaining company objectives.
Supervised staff in sales and customer service to control and ensure efficiency, maximize productivity to help maintain quality service.
Created new avenues of sales by coupling non-related services into one package.
Opened opportunities by establishing relationships with other companies and potential customers to open a door for future business.
Showcased products and services to select target audiences with astounding success.

Skills & Abilities:
Microsoft Office, Sales Force, Lotus Notes, Basis Online Sales Service "B.O.S.S.", AS400/Basis, Unix, C programming, Altrac, IMIS
Can multitask with up to and exceeding 26 applications at a time simultaneously.
Creating dynamic winnable sales approaches.
Customer service coordinator
Excellent problem solving
Detailed and quality-oriented
Strong organization methods
Dominant public relations background
Taylor fit options for sales
Adapting to changing market reflections and fluctuations

Learning new software and fields of study.
Implementing new procedures that are market dictated.
Designing sales strategies that revolve around market conditions and new product releases.
Empathizing with clients to forge good working relationships.
Re-iterating information to clients solidifying contracts, agreements and special arrangements.
Creating new charismatic penetration techniques to explore untouched markets.
Designing scripts and jargon for both sales and customer service.

Created a marketing campaign with an unprecedented response of 33% from target pool.
Coupled unrelated products and services in the residential sector and dominated the market.
Consistent over quota top performances in sales, market responses and new clientele.
Written technical instructions for a self help guide; telecom, networking, cabling and most appliances.


OREA 2012-2017
Ontario Real Estate College
Brokers (Completed)

Humber College School of Technology
Computer Engineering

Humber College School of Business 1997 (Course Study 60 days)

Work Experience



Interests: BREB, OREA, CRA, ETC.

Horses, International Affairs, Warm climates, Scenic views, Making Breakfast,
Honors / Awards: Graduated with Honors in 1999
Over 80% avg in Ontario Real Estate College
H.B.P.A. Horsemen
5 Year achievement Award Brampton Real Estate Board

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