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About Above

Above Mapping is a creative technology studio. We are experts in 3D projection mapping, 3D animation, Visual effects, Motion graphics, Video editing and so much more. we work closely with our clients bringing their imagination to virtual life. Our team combines art and technology to create a memorable and unique experience for your audience.

Above Mapping was established in 2013 in Toronto, Ontario. It has been a growing company with offices in Canada and India. Our goal is to use the latest technology to bring ideas to life onto 3D computer software as well as have the ability to become user-interactive with your ideas.

we offer a multitude of services that are guaranteed to make a difference the next time you are looking to get your ideas off the ground. We have helped numerous clients with their various projects and we are looking to make a difference in YOUR work next! You can partner with Above Mapping to get your project off the ground with accurate and visually appealing 3D animation and 3D rendering.

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Website / Blog: https://abovemapping.com/
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