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Status: Marketing of a 2.3 Million $ Commercial Property For Sale By Owner.


38 years in the Transprotation Industry, 60 Years of 100% Commitment to the CELEBRATION of CEREBRATION. Create, Write and Development of Grant Applications, Federal, Local and Private.

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Interests: To Begin, Live and End Each Day Personally and Professionally, Aware That It Just May Be My Greatest ONCE UPON A TIME Story For The Telling! Share The Blessing Of A Life Lived Having Received Love Inspite of Not Always Being Loveable! Receiving Answers From Those Who Could Tell I Did No Even Know The Right Question To Ask! Be Aware, Be Available, Be On Time, On Subject, On Point, and Be Me Every Day!
Honors / Awards: 2011 Volunteer of the Year, Knoxville Tourism, Elected Town Councilman, Madisonville, Tn. 1988, Awarded Honorary Tennessee Col. by Governors Lamar Alexander and Ned Ray McQuerter, Awarded Honorary Kentucky Col. By Governor Martha Lane Collins, Awarded Honorable Alabama Lt. Alabama Milita by Governor Guy Hunt, Selected to evaluate Vocational Education In Tennessee by Governor Ned Ray McQuerter,
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