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Status: Monies for a total upgrade in Business.


I work with my own team of specialist in economics, finance and investments.

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I am very familiar with Economics, Finance and Investments. I had my first DJ booth in Junior High School and was the life of many parties and programs. On the side I was active in Cleaning and Construction at many facilities. After that I had a cooking experience at Several Resteraunts and became managers at 3 different locations. While cooking in one location I had a very fun experience in customer service, rep and communications. Looking for a change in careers I was hired in Area Merchandising opportunity until granted permission to be given experience in logistics. I certified in at 100%, I am currently still in Logistics part time while being Independently in Economics, Finance and Investments.

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Interests: Music, Photography, Cooking, Antiqueing, Fitness, Communications and Business.
Honors / Awards: In my younger years I recieved many Honor Roll ribbons and Perfect Attendance. And then the priviledge to manage 3 Resteraunts while getting my High School Diploma. And as a reward I was moved to the advance portion of my Realestate Program from the Professor whom choose to keep me in his Program.
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