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About Manage

ManageTeamz is a technology product that helps

Companies to track their employees, sales team performance
Fleet companies to track their fleet location, time to destination
Distribution agencies to track their order and location
Food Delivery companies to monitor their customer's location, delivery boys will be navigated to customer location and get immediate acknowledgement once the order is delivered

Live Tracking App for Sales and Support Team:

ManageTeamz consists of Web app, iPhone and Android app, which bridge the gap between Managers and their Sales team.
It's a complete product, which maximizes communication with their employees, gather customer feedback from their location, collect orders, tickets, and issues and handle specific cases. Manager shall know what's happening in customer location through various status messages.

Live Tracking App for Fleet Companies:

ManageTeamz web admin panel helps Fleet owners to enter customer location, create fleets and assign delivery schedule. Owners can see their fleet's current location, time for destination and track their route. Owners will be immediately notified when the goods are delivered.

Fleet Drivers will use Android or iPhone App to view their customer location and navigate to their place. Drivers can also view the tasks assigned to them and deliver goods as per the order.

Live Tracking App for Food Delivery Company

ManageTeamz web admin panel allows companies to schedule their deliverables and Employees can deliver the goods. Employees will use their mobile app to deliver and get the acknowledgement through an app.

Why ManageTeamz?

Increase your Operational Efficiency
Robust Technical Solution
Cost effective subscription and customized plan
Customer Support

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