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Graduate at Yale 
La Molina, Peru  |  Biotechnology
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Status: Molecules to kill pathogens


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I consider myself a proactive, enthusiastic and determined person, ready to achieve the goals that are needed. I can work independently as a leader or be part of a working group. I do not mind new challenges or start new lines involving high risk. I am always ready to innovate, strengthen my weaknesses and fulfill my dreams that are the north of my life. I have experience in design and project execution. I have technical skills to identify microorganism molecularly (antibodies and PCR). Also I am developed a strategy to find microbicide molecules named Small Fast Killing Molecules as SmOFF (it kills S. mutans within 60 seconds), anti-virus (IPNv) and anti-fungals (Saprolegnia, Botrytis Nosema apis) and anti-bacterial for S. enteritidis, V. ordalii, Erwinia, P. salmonis. And parasites like Caligus, Varroa. I made vaccine using proteins, peptides or nucleic acids for salmon. I have also developed biological products with commercial value: antibodies, a process to bleach anchovy for human daily consumption, a detoxification of shellfish in vivo, an antidote that neutralizes STX that kills human in 5 min, and GMOs to produce bio-ethanol or bio-plastic. Use microorganisms to make bio-gas, bio-pulverization and bio-remediation. I made bio-assays to assess genotoxic effect of metals or substances in microorganisms' genomes. And as hobby I developed the human powered electric bike (10 Amp) and a Self Electric Generator to charge automatically batteries of electric cars.

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Interests: Find molecules to kill pathogens, D-salt sea water for agricultural and mining and perhaps for human use without using filter and chemical, to produce electricity without using fuel to resolve the problem of all electric car have, stop to charge their batteries. Self powered appliances. Also, develop strategies to use CO2 atmospheric as raw material to make an indutrial polymer.
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