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About Christo
Status: Filemaker Developer and Virtual Office Host provider


I am a software developer, first started on Visual Basic Skills, and moved across to Apple based software development. Am now a Filemaker Specialist Developer.

Resumé / Bio

I have started my business to do Web Development and Hosting, I have my own web-server / mail-server and I host websites and E-Commerce solutions. I added desktop support and IT solution sales, network installation to my list of services. In the beginning of 2009 started with Web development as well as MS Office 2003, 2007,Windows 2000/XP/Vista and now Windows 7 to my list.
I assisted desktop support for Windows Xp, Windows Vista, Windows 7, SBS 2003, Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, and I was involved in an advisory position with CRM Products. Installation for Server software, SBS 2003 and Mac Server.

Development History
2010 I started to do ERP integration development between Access and Filemaker, Filemaker and eCommerce systems, MySQL, SQL, XML type communication between the two entities. I also managed ODBC connected databases through Filemaker.

I integrated, for companies like, ApparelSolutions in Hawaii that manages uniforms for Hawaiian Airport and Police service. It was their in house systems that needed the integrated soluciont.

I have done a Filemaker to Magento integration for Company in California, Two in the Shirt. I have done integration for Mombasa Brand in Texas.

I have done integration work that runs part with other ERP and office software written in Filemaker, JobPro Central. I have currently done
eCommerce integration for the current version of JobPro Central.

I develop Filemaker Friendly API's for eCommerce solutions so that
one is not required or forced to have either ODBC or direct connection

Work Experience



Interests: I am a musician that writes music, mostly to Churches and help setup sound solutions, determining the acoustics of a building or area and give advice and help set the sound according to the findings.
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