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Graphical Designer at Medieshoppen i Slagelse 
Ringsted, Denmark  |  Graphic Design
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My name is Jens Christian Haagensen, I am 33 years old and live in a town named Ringsted in Denmark. My first exam in English in grade school went fine and I got the character 9. And my first job was as a paperboy when i was 16 years old. When I was older I got a job in a Supermarket named Irma when i was 17 years old.
I went in a christian boarding school named Skovbo efterskole when i was 17 years old. When i was 18 years old i started as a worker in a company named JTP who printing folders, letters and commercials, to many customers.
When i was 20 years old i studied in a school in Copenhagen who had the name Lilleskole for voksne. And when i was filled 22 years started I as a factory worker in a factory who had the name NSV where I was collecting metal pieces together. In that time lived I in a collective who had the name Kærnehuset who was located in a village who was named Fensmark, who was located nearby a larger town who was named Næstved.
After I was 27 years i also Studied english and chemistry in a Highschool who had the name VUC which was placed in Næstved. When i was finish with the high-school I went to the exam and got the character C+ in both English and Chemistry.
Then in 2009 I moved to Ringsted in a home with the name Sofie Marie Hjemmet, where i really love to live today!
In my sparetime go I to church and reading the Bible. I hold my English up to date because i often surfing on the internet, read emails and is on Facebook and twitter!
In august 2012, after when I was filled 32 i started in a company named Medieshoppen in Slagelse where i work today. In that job i work as a Graphical Designer and are designing folders, visitcards, posters and more! I work there from 9.30 to 14.00. 4 days a week, and resolving also many tasks in English. I write and speak good English and Danish! :-)

Work Experience

Medieshoppen i Slagelse
Graphical Designer
August 2012 - Still Working


VUC Storstrom
HF, Chemistry


Interests: Computer, Graphic Design, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Cats, Photography, Walking, Badminton
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