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I'm an Educator and Writer of Emotional Intelligence which I qualified in more than 10 years ago. I am passionate about teaching parents and children how to understand and express their feelings.

Being emotionally literate makes life so much better.... much more meaningful.

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Originally from South Africa, my journey to find health and happiness first took me to America in 1998 to study nutrition, specifically how certain foods caused disease, where I qualified as a Health Coach. Prior to this, after personally benefiting from divorce counselling and a support group, I became a Counsellor and had been practising in my spare time. On my return from America, I continued to counsel and started coaching private individuals who needed help with their health and weight issues. I also started writing articles on health and nutrition for various magazines.

In 2003 I studied Psycho Neuro Immunology (PNI) and Mind Coaching and in the same year I very proudly became one of South Africa's very first accredited Emotional Intelligence Trainers and Coaches. I set up my own Training and Coaching business and ran workshops for corporate companies, banks, schools, government companies, private companies, schools etc. as well as running workshops for parents and children.

In 2005 I wrote my first book which gained quite a lot of interest which led to numerous interviews on radio, TV and in the print media. This publicity subsequently jump-started my career into public speaking when I was asked to talk at various events around the country. After 5.5 fantastic years of coaching, speaking and running workshops, I got itchy feet and decided to close my business to travel and work overseas.

I lived in New Zealand for 14 months where I taught English, Literacy and Numeracy, from there I travelled around the UK and Europe for a few months before returning back to South Africa for a short stint where I carried on writing.

In December 2010 I decided to surprise my daughter, who lived in the UK , with a surprise Christmas visit. On that trip I met a wonderful man who soon after became my husband. After settling down in the UK, I added NLP to my list of studies before returning to my purpose and passion - Educating and Writing. My book Emotional Intelligence in a Nutshell for Parents and Teachers was released In January 2013.

I have since written a series of children's books that teach children to identify and express feelings, a series called The Bears of Blueberry Forest, which will be released this year as interactive online books.

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Interests: Reading, writing, travelling, nutrition, natural alternatives, matters of the mind
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