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FREDERICKMPAULO For buyers of my residencial and commercial acreage, open ( in your browser on search box key in ( you will see my FREE business ad already running clubhouse mansion.
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FREDERICKMPAULO selling an own residencial & commercial acreage worldwide. on commission. Assured Free business ad already running on google clubhouse mansion sponsored by me. Read more & view image on ( keyword search FREDERICKMPAULO

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(Free viber) 639281260215
FREE~RED~QUEEN~Frmercury~ i'm not on bring up an own chair, no piracy & original. Famous QUEEN says FREDERICK red color.

FREDERICKMPAULO For buyers of my residencial and commercial acreage, open ( in your browser on search box key in ( you will see my FREE business ad already running clubhouse mansion. selling an own residencial and commercial acreage on separate locations. Free from flood. Worlwide international, send buyers have commission. Residencial acreage is with a concrete house which can be renovated into a high rise business establishment or a clubhouse resort for rent, fully setup swimming ground with high rise solid cement wall sound absorber with an inside parking located @ #02 paraiso street parang marikina. Commercial acreage is on a main road suitable for large scale business corporations which is subject for full renovation & development located @ #77 F. Balagtas street parang marikina. Buyers go for an actual ocular of the location. If interested, documentations & legal procedures on selling & buying acreage shall be executed which includes commission. For lease clubhouse mansion for buyers who's gonna buy my residencial house you may go no reside in and pay workers on look over.

FREDERICKMPAULO land developer and real estate companies whom i contacted, i'm looking forward on my house replacement proposal upon sold of my residencial acreage as you can see image draft of replacement house in a private exclusive location which i gave you in my email message and in your Facebook page.

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FREDERICKMPAULO For companies who are previously giving me a message for your supply needs in your areas of business, message me on ( for business inquiries. For your bulk orders, individual orders and inquiries we can supply message us on

FREDERICKMPAULO WORK AREAS (presently on await for AUO approval on my business proposal of online selling)

-Free machine Installation, service, overhauls.
-Safe and efficient crane operations during maintenance.
-Performs daily meter readings, hydraulic pumps, gas flow, and adjustments.
-Perform routine preventive maintenance as specified on the manual.
-Washer and oven dryer operation for ceramic cleaning.
-Installation and replacement of auxiliary parts, hydraulic pins, arms, buffers, side walls, lower electrodes, upper electrodes, ceramic caps, ceramic base, gas piping's machine chambers.
-Performs loader robot and cassette preventive maintenance, check laser sensors, rubber gasket, o-ring, ionizer bar cleaning.
-LCD glass safety handling and cutting with respect to the standard operating procedures.
-Move in; move out transportation of machine spare parts for assembly and setup.
-IPA cleaning for particle prevention to meet the standard test of particle detection.
-Repair or replace defective parts prior to machine operation.
-Loader robot touch panel operations.
-Installation auto electrical wiring parts and accessories.
-Auto electrical accessories troubleshooting & set up.
-Dashboard circuitry wiring troubleshooting & set up.
-Rewind alternator stator, wiper motor, and air-con motor.
-Repair starter, armature shaft re-bushing and carbon brush replacement.
-Conversion of integrated circuit regulated alternator to voltage regulator.
-Radiator overhauling and repair.
-Car stereo installation.
-General wiring.
-Alternator rotor re-tapes & rewind.
-ARC/acetylene welding.
-Blow torch Soldering.
-Alternator repair, commutator alignment and replacement.
-Alternator gasket o-ring and oil seal replacement.
-Alternator vacuum pump core and pump disc replacement.
-Alarm system installation.
-Alternator integrated circuit diode conversion.
-Amplifier Booster assembly.
-Auto electrical sound system circuitry set up and installation.
-Remote controlled wireless car ignition wiring installation.
-Installation of basic computer assembly hardware/software.
-Set up/troubleshooting of computer electronic components/gadgets.
-Wiring set up of computer electronic components/gadgets alternating current or direct current.
-Sound system set up wirings/troubleshooting.
-Installation of computer electronic accessories gadgets.
-Sound system setup via androids, usb, cd-rom, video system, flat screen, high definition multimedia interface, slim port, inverter. source, alternating current & direct current.

FREDERICKMPAULO grew up on a house, school, work basis. never believe with those who fabricates illusions whom i never acknowledge, known or recognize while they are never a part or included in my high school. Fools who fabricates illusions on things or scenarios which they are never included or related. users abusers. Fredericks location is subject for replacement upon purchase of residencial & commercial acreage which includes relocation travel going abroad. Frederick is single & free. chicks are around world in actual not on internet or virtual. never learned going on a Freeway, unknown neighbors.

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