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13 Marketing Tips When Using Social Networks

13 Marketing Tips When Using Social Networks

Social media can be a slippery slope. Stretching yourself too thin by trying to be on every site can result in disengaged users. Failing to engage users on the right platforms will only amount to yet another lost marketing opportunity.

Here are 13 best practice tips when using popular social networking sites.


Facebook is by far the biggest and most popular social media platform. There's currently over 1.18 billion people around the world on the platform. That's over 80% of all social media users - and at least 50% of them sign-in daily. It has the most evenly-distributed demographics of any social platform.

What business should be on it : All of them. Facebook is a must-have for any business doing online marketing.

Four Best Facebook Posting Practices

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1. Full sized images: Full sized images (directly uploaded to an update) are some of the most shared content.
2. Short text on Facebook : Updates with a character count of 250 or less tend to have 60% more engagement than longer updates.
3. Quotes: Quotes that inspire, are thought-provoking are hugely popular on the site. They get shared, liked and commented on a lot.
4. Questions : Questions ask for a response and increase engagement rates (which increases your organic reach). Use short questions about lifestyle likes and dislikes.


Twitter has over 550 million registered users, and 215 million of those actively use the site. It reaches pretty much every demographic, it's very global (77% of Twitter users are outside of the US), and it's very public.

What business should be on it? : Most businesses should have a presence on Twitter. People often use the platform to get in touch with companies.

Four Best Twitter Posting Practices

1. Short Tweets: Tweets have to be 140 characters or less. The shorter you can make your tweet, the better. Make your tweets in the 80-90 characters range so it's easy to retweet (with @mentions and modifications) and add hashtags.
2. Twitter Hashtags : Hashtags (those # signs you see everywhere) can spread your reach to your demographic. Use hashtags that are frequently used by your followers, that relate to your business industry, that are trending or are campaign specific.
3. Retweets and @mentions: Connect with your customers on Twitter by @mentioning them. You can send a message directly to them to personally connect with consumers (and influencers), a bit like a public text. Engage your followers by retweeting their tweets.
4. Bio with campaign links : When you use Twitter, your bio can show up on other sites. If you're running an online promotion include the link to your website landing page, so it spreads your marketing reach.


LinkedIn is the world's professional network. It has close to 300 million users, reaches over 200 nations and is still one of the fastest growing social networks.

What business should be on it? : Professionals and B2B's.

Five Best LinkedIn Posting Practices

1. Brand (and employee) profile : Create a branded company profile. Additionally, make sure your social media manager, content marketers and sales teams have solid profiles too - they're likely the ones who'll be using the platform.
2. LinkedIn groups: LinkedIn has millions of groups. Over 80% of account holders use them. There's a group for pretty much anything (related to careers and business). Find and join active ones that your niche demographic participates on. Share content and engage.
3. Connections: LinkedIn's kind of like a modern day Rolodex. Build your connections and use the platform for partnerships and leads. You can send LinkedIn emails to any or all of your contacts.
4. Updates : Post links to company updates, your blog and relevant articles from influential websites. Update 2-3 times a week to keep your company brand.
5. Long-form posts : You can now publish whole articles on LinkedIn. It's a brilliant way to get your message seen by and engaged with a larger network..

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13 Marketing Tips When Using Social Networks