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9/9/2020 2:16:51 AM 


Sickle Cell Awareness Month - Continued.

Can We Eradicate Sickle-Cell Disorder?

In our last blast, we looked at the number of children being born with Sickle Cell Disorder: over 200,000 a year; 150,000 of which are borne to Nigerians - Phew 🧐

How do we tackle this disorder? By being realistic. We know the disease is perpetuated by Sickle-Cell Carriers, having children.

We know that if someone with a Genotype AS bears children with another person with Genotype AS or SS, there is a chance of their off-springs been a Sickler with Genotype SS.

Let’s make intelligent choices.

First, know your Genotype. Go to a clinic or laboratory and get tested. (Details on Genotype Test Labs to follow)

Governments should make Genotype Test freely available to all students starting off in Secondary School, Higher Institutions, Universities, National Youth Service Corp (NYSC).

Each person should carry a Genotype Card and a Mobile Phone App with details of their Genotype, which could include their Blood Group and any other pertinent medical information.

We know LOVE can be blind, deaf and dumb, but do find out what your Suitor's Genotype is, before you even start holding hands, kissing, proposing or making babies.

When courting, the next question to ask after, "What is your name?", should be "What is your Genotype?".

If you are AS and the person your are courting is also AS or SS, re-think the 'Love'.

Relationships are difficult enough without the added stress of a sick child, whose quality of life may by highly compromised because of Sickle Cell Disorder. It is unfair on the child.

Above is a simple Genotype Compatibility Illustration card:

What can we do?

Awareness! Awareness! Awareness!

Knowledge! Knowledge! Knowledge!

Empowerment! Empowerment! Empowerment!

Ladies, we tend to bear up to 90% of the brunt of a sick child. Let’s get smart. Let’s get tested.

If our Genotype is AS, let’s not be blinded or deafened, or dumbed by love, *let’s be realistic*.

Know your Genotype and be armed with the knowledge of your Genotype and who you are compatible with.

Genotype trumps love.

We shall furnish you with information on Genotype Laboratories in due course. Watch this space.

Wishing you a pain-free existence, excellent health, wellness and abundance.

Sade Tolani

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