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CD-IELTS Coaching Institute in Zirakpur & Panchkula | CD-IELTS Classes

CD-IELTS stands for Computer Delivered IELTS and is administered by IDP. As the abbreviation suggests, CD-IELTS is the recently introduced alternative to the paper based IELTS exam. Both exams are essentially the same, with only difference being the medium of examination distribution. IELTS is taken on paper and evaluated manually whereas CD-IELTS is delivered through computer software.
The results for CD-IELTS arrives within 5-7days. There are multiple exam dates with examination centers available in cities such as New-Delhi, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai,Pune and others.
CD-IELTS like its counterpart, requires proper planning and preparation.
Gratis Academy is one of the premier Institutes in Zirakpur for coaching in IELTS and CD-IELTS course.
Under the expert guidance of our highly experienced trainers, our past batches have scored 7+ and higher band scores. Through a well approached study agenda we thrive to guide our students closer towards their goals. Our simple yet methodical training system is suitable to meet the needs of students who aspire to excel in every aspect of their careers.
Computer Delivered International English Language Test System
CD-IELTS is available in two test versions: Academic - for people applying for higher education or professional registration, and General Training for those migrating to Australia, Canada and the UK, or applying for secondary education, training programmes and work experience in an English-speaking environment.
Both versions provide a valid and accurate assessment of the four language skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking.
Eligibility criteria
The test can be taken after 16 years of age in order to qualify for jobs or education purposes in English speaking countries.
Test Format
Academic and General Training Total score= 9 Bands
Listening 40 Objective Questions
4 sections
conversation between two individuals
a monologue/speech
a conversation among a maximum of four people set in an academic setting
a monologue on an academic subject 30-36 mins
Reading 40 Objective Questions
3 passages
i.General: Given materials are the ones you are likely to encounter on a daily basis in an English speaking environment
ii.Academic: 3 long texts from books, journals, magazines, newspapers. 60 mins
Writing i.General: Task 1
(150 words Letter writing)
Task 2
( 250 words Essay writing)
ii.Academic: Task 1
(150 words Graph/ Report/ Chart)
Task 2
( 250 words Essay writing) 60 mins
Speaking Interview with an examiner
Part 1- Introduction,
Part 2-Cue Card
Part 3- General Discussion 11 to 14 mins

Bands and their denotation for language proficiency
CD-IELTS uses a nine-band scale to designate levels of proficiency, from non-user to expert with band score 1 to band score 9 respectively.
Band Level of Proficiency
Band 0 Not attempted
Band 1 Non user
Band 2 Intermittent user
Band 3 Extremely limited user
Band 4 Limited user
Band 5 Modest user
Band 6 Competent user
Band 7 Good user
Band 8 Very good user
Band 9 Expert user

Our Training module for CD-IELTS
We invest a decent 45 to 60 minutes to all the four modules that is speaking, listening, writing, reading with additional 60 minutes discussion session.
The course is recommended for those who wish to gain from structured learning and optimize their test potential.
Blended course comprising physical book and digital content.
Weekly mock tests: which are meaningful, accurate and fair.
Individual training with flexible timings.
The course is designed to focus on your individual strengths and weaknesses.
Focused individual attention for personal improvement.
More emphasis is given on student's weak areas.

Our aim is to simplify the road to success for our students who desire to succeed in CD-IELTS with merit scores. We believe in catering to the individual growth and overall development of our students.
Join Gratis Academy for sure shot success in your upcoming IELTS exam.
Let's join hands and let us bring you closer to a successful future that you most highly deserve!

Contact Us
SCO-9, First Floor, Sector-11, Panchkula, Haryana 134109/SCO -14 Kalgidhar Enclave, Zirakpur. 140604
+91 8288931000

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CD-IELTS Coaching Institute in Zirakpur & Panchkula | CD-IELTS Classes