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7/29/2020 9:50:32 PM 

Lose your Weight

Lose your Weight, Not your Mind!
Admit it, we all have been there! We all have pretended to be satisfied with ourselves, despite feeling a little heavy on the outside! If anyone else disagrees and gives you that phrase- "Feel good about yourself"- you should know that they are lying! 
Yes, this phrase is empowering and true to some extent, until it starts to appear as a taunting message after you've taken a long look at your pictures! 

Such a depressing way to start a blog, you must be thinking. But it is the truth that is depressing in actuality. Enough with that! Stop living in a delusion and take a stand. Losing that extra kilo will not only make you look good but also make your heart and mind feel good. It is commendable if you have come to terms with your truth and decided on making positive changes to your body. But if you are making a wrong start, read on for some valid reasoning to only lose your weight, not your mind! 
Let's start with how weight loss works 
I will be skipping all the technical details here for the sake of simple understanding. You lose weight when your body burns more calories than calorie intake. It not all about the food but mostly it is. The rest is the route of calorie-burning which should be achieved through physical activities. So, eat less, burn more should be the motto for you. 


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Lose your Weight