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7/27/2020 10:16:26 PM 

How to Build an Email Marketing Funnel for Conversions

Email marketing is one of the trustworthy forms of marketing approaches. From past years Marketers attracts the prospects to become subscribers and then convert them into loyal customers, but they are not getting the good conversions. So How to Build an Email Marketing Funnel for Conversions? For that we have to understand about the Email Marketing funnel. The email marketing funnel is about the entire journey in which the prospect is converted into customer via various content forms such as whitepaper, blogs, infographics, newsletter, etc. through email. The 4 main stages of the Email Marketing are- Engagement, Discovery, purchase and Retention.
The email marketing funnel is executed by sending a series of email at regular intervals to the prospective customers. These emails could revolve around various forms of content. So as you observe in the image, the funnel starts with the gathering of the subscribers from the landing page and forms. Then you proceed by sending emails on a timely basis to these subscribers. The high-quality educational content aligned with their interest help to build the trust among the subscribers. It helps to convert them into a loyal customer.
B2B companies have to identify these opportunities and increase the spending on the same, to gain the right business benefits.
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How to Build an Email Marketing Funnel for Conversions