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5/29/2020 1:53:01 AM 

Evaluation of Xiaomi Scooter

Evaluation of Xiaomi Scooter
Website: The reason to buy this scooter is because the company is closer to home and I don't want to walk to work.
2. The most talked about online is the problem of flat tires. At that time, I also hesitated for a long time because of this problem, and looked at many scooters of the same type, and finally chose Xiaomi from the aspects of appearance and other comprehensive aspects. There is no flat tire for one year! Because I pay more attention to daily riding, I don't have this problem when riding on a flat road.
3. It is very convenient to fold into the trunk of the car. At first, I felt that the folding buckle was not easy to break down. Then I found the trick, that is, don't push the folding buckle so tightly, just push the lock buckle over.
4. In terms of weight, there is no problem in short distance transportation. If it is a long distance, it will be more difficult.
5. The built-in bell is not particularly ringing, and I haven't used it much.
6. The scooter can be connected to the APP, and the lock is 3m effective distance. Someone will sound the alarm when they touch the scooter.
7. You can purchase the car lock chain with combination lock, which can be combined with the railing lock to increase safety!

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Evaluation of Xiaomi Scooter