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Underfloor Insulation Auckland


Underfloor Insulation Auckland

Do you need to insulate your floor?
There's no point in investing in floor insulation if you don't need it, or if it's unsuitable for your home, but how do you know one way or the other?

Whether you need floor insulation or not depends on your home and what kind of floors it has:

Houses with 'suspended floors', which are in effect above a void, are likely to lose more heat through the floor.
Houses with 'Concrete floors'. tend to incorporate slabs of polystyrene insulation a few inches below the concrete floor surface, effectively reducing this type of heat loss.
Whatever your home, there's still some kind of measure you can take to insulate your floor.

Ways to insulate your floor:
A rug - it's not going to solve all your problems, but in the short term putting a rug on top of bare floorboards will help to block some draughts and keep your toes warm.
Underfloor insulation - if you have access that allows you to get into the space below the floorboards, this is a relatively easy process. Insultech can install or supply you a range of products including: Polystyrene, Glasswool or Polyester floor insulation.
Its always easier to use polyester blanket insulation rather than sheet or segment style insulation. Polyesters typically also have the advantage of having a slightly higher installed R-value then polystyrene - the higher the R-value, the greater the insulator's effectiveness.

Floor Insulation Experts in Auckland, Tauranga & Waikato
One thing to remember, however, is the need for ventilation. The void (or crawlspace) below the floorboards will have ventilation grills and these should not be blocked up, as floorboards may otherwise become damp and start to rot.

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Underfloor Insulation Auckland