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11/6/2019 4:32:07 AM 

Salvage & Deconstruction Contractors South Africa

Salvage & Deconstruction Contractors South Africa

Deconstruction is the particular disassembly of building components, specifically for reuse, recycling, and waste management.  It varies from demolition where a site is cleared of its structure by the most catalyst implies. Deconstruction has also been characterized as "construction in reverse". The process of disassembling structures is an ancient activity that has been revived by the growing field of an economical, green method of building.

Deconstruction is a technique for gathering what is generally viewed as "waste" reclaiming it into useful building material.

A quality-conscious salvage & deconstruction contractor known for finishing the job to perfection. We cater to manufacturing, construction, mining & quarrying industries, etc. but no job is either too small or big for us. Call us now on 079 944 3151 or write us on


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Salvage & Deconstruction Contractors South Africa