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Karprice, LLC

Forrest Avenue
Rumson, NJ 07760 United States

Contact: Christopher Doumas, MD
Email: webmaster@karprice.com

About This Company
Industry: Automotive, Internet, Consumer Services
We are building an anonymous community of car buyers with the common goal of improving the traditional car buying experience.

The platform is free to use and view. Rewards are given to people for sharing their car deal information and for referrals. It's not just the price that matters, that is only half of the deal. This is the only place where we can post and share the whole deal. Don't trust companies, that have ties to the auto industry, to tell you what a car costs. Trust your neighbor's deal as they share the details with you.

When you buy a house, do you look at recent sales in your area? Why not when you buy a car? Now you can.

Help us build a much needed anonymous public database of records and be rewarded!