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44, venus colony, sithalapakkam, via medavakkam
chennai, 600126 India

Contact: ramabadran seshadri iyengar
Email: rsiyengar@rsiyengar.com

About This Company
Industry: Information Technology, Internet, Financial Services
We finally got it! All these years of frustration have finally come to an end!

Here is what I mean. People who have been using the Shopping Sherlock System have always been able to find incredible bargains on the items they were looking for but not many are making money on the business side of the opportunity. Why not?

1. Most people in direct sales companies (about 85% NEVER refer anyone)
2. Most people in direct selling opportunities are not sales people.

We all know that it traditional MLM and Direct Sales Companies you must recruit in order to build a residual income and because the 85% don't, the attrition rate is about 70% each and every month.

Sad but true.

Okay, with that being said what if we were to change the way that we do business and work smarter and harder but achieve magnificent results together.

Here is what I mean. We find the very best prices on the items around the world that people want. Then we learn the most effective way to re-sell those products using the Trillion Dollar e-commerce world using platforms like eBay, Amazon and many others to generate additional six figure yearly incomes ALL without ever having to sponsor even ONE person.

I have found the company that will teach, train and provide the technology, applications and platforms that will show us all how to do just that!

Oh yes, the company does offer an optional rewards program that is allowing million dollar payouts to customers and partners alike each and every week BUT it is not necessary to ever have to recruit even a single person and yet still get paid starting from day one!

Interested in wanting to find out more information?

If so, simple shoot me back an email right away and I will send you out a short 30 Minute Business Overview of this company, it's platforms and it's opportunity. Oh, BTW, did I forget to mention that this company has already sold over 2.5 BILLION Dollars of products on eBay and Amazon in last two years and it's customers and partners have received over 380 MILLION Dollars in profits in the same time span?

Stop settling for less when we could all be receiving training and education that could turn us all into six and seven figure e-commerce experts in 90 days or less starting today.

Interested in more information? Email me back right now and find out more.

Blessings for an amazing 2016

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