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Vivian Williams

36 Penywain St
Pontypool, NP4 6DX United Kingdom

Contact: Vivian Williams
Email: v963williams@btinternet.com

About This Company
Industry: Manufacturing, Construction, Agriculture
We will manufacture a range or steel equipment for Agriculture, Construction, Private Consumers. As an option 2 in the note below we would purchase an existing business already catering for these fields - where I could integrate and manufacture the new safety system to sell around the world. I am initially inviting persons from anywhere in the world to invest in my project in the form of loans with very good %returns ( other possible options later). So if you ,or, you know anyone who can help in multiples of 10k up to maximum of 250k please contact me as in following information.
Well this is tongue in cheek but an extremely honest ask for assistance!
I have designed a system, which will be required on a worldwide basis by Governmental Departments to minimize and prevent deaths as well as life changing injuries. I have already been advised that it has great potential and in turn will probably attract excellent investment when created.
However there are 2 options:-
Firstly to create a complete set ready for marketing and then expand to manufacture when orders are received. Now this expansion would have to be very rapid as once orders are obtained they would be sizable and thus require major rapid expansion to facilitate including larger premises, manufacturing equipment, labour, materials, admin and management etc.
Secondly if enough finance was available - buy an existing business which had most of the capacity and was an ongoing operation which was already generating income for cash flow and had sufficient handling/manufacturing equipment to facilitate production requirements. I could then integrate the creation and manufacture to a ready to market stage utilizing these existing facilities.
I am asking for anyone - who has capital available- to invest for a very good % return . This would be for 2 years. I contemplate then , after 12 months minimum, inviting investment by equity and with first options going to those who loaned me finance to start this off.
For further information I invite emails to me at V963williams@btinternet.com .
Also if you visit:- www.kickstarter.com/projects/622840014/vivian... where there is more information/description.
Option 1 requires 30,000 total and Option 2 ( looking around at possible retiring businesses with suitable equipment, premises and existing working turnover) could be done for 200-250,000. This of course eliminates much cost as you would eliminate many costs in Option 1 if we could go straight for Option 2.

Hope fully some one may wish to distribute some spare resources for a better than Bank rate return and help me.
I look forward to answering questions. Regards Vivian Williams.