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Trustee & Financial Services LLC

2437 Bay Area Blvd, Ste-347
HOUSTON, TX 77058-0000 United States

Email: richard@trusteefinancialservicesllc.com

About This Company
Industry: Financial Services, Investment Banking, Venture Capital and Private Equity
We establish business structures which significantly reduces or completely eliminates tax liability for businesses and personal taxes both state and federal.
This is supported 100% by irs as they provide the tax exempt status.
* Private investment contracts for legacy building purposes.
* Private banking for high net worth clients

There are many concierge style services our firm provides to our paying clients.

Our Business Structures are recognised worldwide not just here in the states.

With our structures, If something were to happen to you today, a simple signature is all that is required to transfer your legacy to your next in line.
(We also provide the required training/knowledge for you to understand your new structures. To know what you can & cannot do etc.) As long as the structures/entities remain as our client, If a transfer is required, we also provide that same training/knowledge to your incoming successor.

Your family would not have to worry about any state or probate, no courts, no divorce issues, no further tax liability and complete asset protection in the future.

Every person should have these items in place for their own family, business and future.

All people have a right to reduce or eliminate their tax liability.

Why no take that reduction or elimination of tax liability and put it to good use?

If you or your business makes over a minimum of $1 million per year you definitely should be talking to us and learn how we can assist your business in saving a fortune starting this year and going forward indefinitely.

Yes, we charge fees for what we provide and there is no one else that can provide what we do. The service(s) we provide is worth far more than what we charge.