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Khanom Tefl

28/22 M4
Khanom, 80210 Thailand
66 879918528

Contact: michael Fiammetta
Email: ajarnmike1@gmail.com

About This Company
Industry: Education, Education, Education

So you have decided to come to Thailand to teach. Good choice! Thailand is warm and friendly, safe and fun, and perhaps above all--very inexpensive. Especially if you go to the right places.
And we would argue that southern Thailand is one of the best places there is when you're starting out in the new country.

When we say southern Thailand we don't mean staying and taking the course in its major resorts--Koh Samui, Phuket, Krabi, etc. Those places are on the coasts and the islands and are much more expensive--both for the course and living expenses such as accommodations and food. You are planning to be in Thailand for a long time so you want to be in a place where you can conserve your money and be prepared to enjoy it on the weekends. So we are offering the next best thing at a greatly reduced price.

Khanom, where we are, is an undiscovered beachside resort area where you will have a five-minute drive to the beach from our place. Think about it!--after you have finished your class for the day you can get to the beach in five minutes. You can watch a spectacular sunset or gaze at the beautiful coastline where there are many other fine beaches in view. At night the nearby hotel is famous for sponsoring social events, to the beach in five minutes.

There are all kinds of things to do in Khanom and the surrounding area. There are hiking trails nearby that lead to waterfalls and caves and mountain tops. And there are boat trips along the coast where you can see pink dolphins (if you don't see you are refunded half of your money for the tour) and there are tours of hidden mangrove swamps. The prices are a lot less here than they would be at the major tourist areas. In fact, with our low accommodation rates, it could feel like getting this long, inexpensive vacation to the most beautiful and exciting part of Thailand.

Up north, you can watch water buffalo plow the fields or look at miles of rice paddies, but southern Thailand doesn't have rice paddies. It has only mile after mile of dark green forests and green fields and orchards. But despite that, you are never that far from a coast. On the east side of the narrow isthmus is the Gulf of Thailand and on the west is the Andaman Sea. They both have great beaches and numerous islands to explore. Here in Khanom we are only a few minutes' drive to the ferry that takes you to Koh Samui and Koh Phangan ( where the world famous full moon party is held every month) www.fullmoonparty-thailand.com/schedules.html...

The boat ride over is less than $10--a route that most tourists don't even know about. In contrast, a round-trip flight from Bangkok to Samui is around $200US. What savings!
We have so far only talked about the location of Khanom as a place to study to acquire a TEFL certificate and in the meantime also explore and enjoy this fascinating region of Thailand during those four weeks of study.

But what about job placement after you get the certificate? Well, we have many years of living and teaching in southern Thailand and only a small percentage of the TEFL English teachers can say that.
I have personally helped place at least ten teachers in sorely needed spots in the Suratthani area. Realistically you are not going to start your teaching career in Bangkok or in a resort town. Those places have the pick of applicants and can get the most experienced teachers. Even Khanom gets many applicants. But, at least in southern Thailand, you can realistically expect to get a job in a place with a short journey to a resort area on the weekends. Though we cannot give you a job guarantee we think we are the people best positioned to get you a job somewhere in the Suratthani area. We have been living and working here for years and our job placement record is very good. With all this in mind doesn't it make sense to take your TEFL course with Khanom TEFL?