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Luca Litrico Lifestyle Ltd.

Suite 163, 2 Lansdowne Row, Berkeley Square, Mayfair
London, Other W1J 6HL United Kingdom
+44 7882 241570

Contact: Luca Litrico
Email: info@litricomoda.com

About This Company
Industry: Luxury Goods and Jewelry, Luxury Goods and Jewelry, Luxury Goods and Jewelry

Historical men's Fashion House founded in Rome since 1951 the Litrico tailor is still an handcraftmade business by Luca Litrico, nephew of Angelo and son of Franco.
LITRICO has always had a prominent position in the world of Italian Haute Couture, helping to reinforce the qualified image of the Made in Italy. It was the initial men's Fashion House to present it's models alongside women's fashions, transforming and creating since the 50's the style of men's dressing. Also is one of the founder members of the "Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana" (the "National Chamber for Italian Fashion") and one of the first firms to introduce Italian fashion through promotion and collaboration with different international companies in the garment industry.

Angelo Litrico: son of Sicily, all heart and style who made such a big impact in the field of men's fashion, just like Khrushchev did at the United Nations with his Litrico shoes!

The oldest of twelve children, Angelo was born in Catania in 1927. Little Angelo attended school, but he soon went to work with a tailor in the city.

With great enthusiasm, he threaded needles, prepared the iron and did lots of other tasks. The tailor appreciated the little boy's drive, but could he have thought that his little student would soon become a famous designer?

When he was young, Angelo realized that he could never express himself to the fullest in Catania, so he headed for Rome where he began to work with a tailor on the outskirts of the city..

He frequently walked along the Via Veneto having a great desire to know and understand more. It was in Via Sicilia that he noticed a small tailor's shop. He went in, asked for a job, and got it. Now more sure of himself than ever, he had the possibility to create and wear high quality clothes so new and different that he attracted a great deal of attention. One evening at the Opera, Angelo wore a silk tuxedo which was instantly noticed by Rossano Brazzi who subsequently became his first client. His clientele grew and soon he was able to buy the small shop which became soon famous.

He was the first to organize a men's fashion show together with women's fashions which had been presented in catwalk shows since the 1950s.

In 1957 Italian fashion was attracting attention in Russia and Litrico was invited to participate. Angelo had the idea of bringing a gift for Khrushchev - a coat. As he didn't know Khrushchev's size, Litrico made it according to a photo he had seen. The Prime Minister thanked Angelo and repaid him with an expensive camera. Afterwards, the correct measurements were sent. A few months later, in preparation for his trip to the United States, Khrushchev asked Litrico, via the Russian embassy, to prepare a complete wardrobe for his trip to the United States. Part of this collection included the famous shoes! The American journalists, who were used to the poor taste of the Russians, asked Khrushchev who had designed his wardrobe. He replied that it had been made for him an Italian designer named Angelo Litrico.

Soon afterward, Angelo found himself in the United States, where he and his work were recognized by the press. The rest is history. Hundreds of newspapers and magazines from all over the world wrote about Angelo in 37 different languages! By 1959 the name Litrico was already famous.

His small workshop was filled with both Italian and foreign clients and his walls were covered with portraits and photos often signed by of his famous clients. Litrico was in demand from all parts of the world.

Litrico not only presented his fashions but he branched out into other business deals, being the first to sign a contract with a Japanese firm. Other contracts followed and the name Litrico became known not just in Europe and in Japan, but also in North and South America, South Africa and Australia.

In recognition of his fine work, the Italian authorities awarded Litrico various accolades, including Knight 1962, Knight Officer 1965, Commander 1968 and High Officer 1972.

With his many work obligations and his large family, he was not left with much time to construct a relationship with a woman, but this did not prevent him from participating in baptisms, serving as best man at weddings and making gifts to the many people who were so dear to him. So far we have discussed the designer and the man, but in order to give a more global image, we must speak of his philosophy. Angelo was continuously in search of aesthetic perfection. He always began with man, not things.

He studied man to know his strengths, weaknesses and needs in order to anticipate his tastes, to create tomorrow's fashion. Fashion, it can be said, is a running vision of history.

Angelo Litrico never much cared talking about himself, but in one of his numerous interviews, he responded to the question in this way: It's embarrassing to speak about oneself. Every time I have to do it, it bothers me. But I can't conceal the pride I have for having achieved a difficult goal, or having realized my dream of having near me all my family and to surround them with beautiful things after many years of want and sacrifice on the part of everybody. All this with scissors and needle, modest tools; but with the help of constant study, I was able to realize my creations.

The simplicity and wisdom of his thoughts, the sincerity of his feelings, brought many famous men to him. For example artists like Manz, Carpi, Consagra, D'Orazio, Mastroianni, Caron, Greco, Cagli, Guttuso; poets like Raphael Alberti, Quasimodo, Ungaretti; directors such as Thomas Schippers, Sinopoli, Caracciolo, Pani, Gelmetti; actors like Richard Burton, John Houston, Rossano Brazzi, Amedeo Nazzari, Vittorio Gassman; singer-actors Domenico Modugno; heads of state like Kennedy, Tito, Peron, Pertini, Nasser, Leskol, Gronchi, Leone, King Hussein, King Umberto of Savoia, Eisenhower, MacMillan, Nixon, Kubitschek; politicians like Andreotti, Colombo, Preti, Morlino, Tanassi, Malfatti.

But to truly understand just how generous he was, we must mention Christian Barnard. Whenever he was in Rome, he visited hundreds of children which were later operated on in Cape Town with the financial support of Angelo. Remembering his own childhood, he wanted to help other children in need.

Angelo Litrico died on March 13, 1986, but the business has gone on by his younger brothers Franco and Giusi who since he was young worked with Angelo on all levels. Since 1998 together with his son and with a quality and style staff who well knows the target of the company, Franco made a successful team, based on tradition and up to date.

Today, after the death of Franco, on June 2nd, 2004, his first son Luca with the heritage of the culture in men fashion where he growed up, refined placing side by side with Franco as the family tradition since by 1998, he is broadening the business outlook, an outlook that includes not just tailor-made Haute Couture (with his many clients from the world of politics, finance, art and show business) or Haute Couture collections converted into Prt--Porter of top quality and style. The trademark LUCA LITRICO has thus been added in order to better take advantage of these new interests and to improve its commercial strategy.
Angelo Litrico died on March 13, 1986, but the business has gone on by his younger brothers Franco and Giusi who since he was young worked with Angelo on all levels.
Also today, after the death of Franco on June 2nd, 2004, the Maison Litrico goes on with it's business managed by the eldest Franco's son. Luca Litrico, with the heritage of the Haute Couture culture in which he grew up, refined side by side to Franco in the company by the family tradition since the year 1991, has completely assimilated the concept and philosophy of the LITRICO style and well knows the target of the company, and with a successful mix based on tradition, up to date and elegance today his recognised as the top expression of the tailor made Italian fashion.
With this spirit Luca Litrico is broadening his business outlook, an outlook that includes not just the Hand-Made Haute Couture (with his many clients from the world of politics, finance, art and show business) or Couture--Porter collections, ceremony and accessories.
The trademark LUCA LITRICO has thus been added in order to better take advantage of these new interests and to improve its commercial strategy.

Luca Litrico has been able to personalize a style which identifies each of his creations and the new collections of Couture--Porter already known all over the world.
The Litrico style, which has been created after exhaustive study, attracts people because in it there is something that we recognise
A man wants to feel comfortable in all aspects of his life. His needs can be listed as follows: practicality, elegance, balance between man and his clothes and personality. These elements are always taken into great consideration in the Luca Litrico wardrobe. Ideas are transformed into choices of fabric and colour, shapes, structures and details.
In order to reinforce its strategy of brand awareness toward the final Customer, Luca Litrico today offers to his VIP Customers the Bespoke Tailoring for Man Home Service Worldwide.