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Sue Tru Caribbean Manufacturing and Diribution ltd

Roselle Dist morant Bay Po St thomas
Morant Bay , Jamaica
1876 4863226

Contact: Suzette Thomas
Email: suzetta10@hotmail.com

About This Company
Industry: Food Production, Agriculture
Sue Tru Caribbean through its own local developmental initiatives and projects in the local agriculture sector has improved the competiveness of various crops including fruits, vegetables, horticulture products and honey in Jamaica. have used these crop to make sauces and condiments, Taking the Jamaican food to the world
Our Food Products are marketed under the brand Sue Tru and include a range of food products that cater to a multicultural and diverse audience:

• Instant Cooking Sauces
• Hot Sauces
• Sweet Spread (Jams and Jellies)
• Wet Seasonings
• Dry Herbs and Spice Seasoning Blends (Rubs)
• Ketchups made with Scot bonneted pepper (Spicy)
•Ketchup made with Jamaican herbs
• Multi-purpose Drink Syrups with tropical Flavors
• Canned Fruits and Vegetables
• Beverages
Sue Tru Caribbean Manufacturing & Distribution produces many lines and products, some of which are proprietary (i.e. the Sue Tru Chef's Blend Marinade and Dry Seasoning Blend lines and the Classic Sue Tru Sauce and Pepper Jelly lines).

The company ships products all over the world and has exhibited at the American Food and Beverage Show, the Summer Fancy Food Show, the UK Food and Drink and the IFE Shows in the United Kingdom.
these products can be purchases from our web site suetru.com