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3846 Mack Rd
CINCINATI, OH 45014 United States

Contact: Edward BurnsSr
Email: mgr@videolocators.com

About This Company
Industry: Human Resources, Entertainment, Information Services
Helping People Find People

In Categories: Missing Children, Missing Persons, Deadbeat Parents, Wanted and Persons of interest.

Offer searches so anyone can identify all types of people at one website with "individual categories". This gives viewers options that fit their personal search needs and help them find their missing or wanted.

We use a strong effective search tools and put emotions back into the real life stories and eliminates searches viewers have no interest in.

Having propriety marketing tools so users are allowed to offer incentives which is proven as a successful tool. We offer a 2nd more aggressive package using all of the Gatekeeper marketing method @ $239.40 for a year paid monthly or prepaid full year discounted to $191.50. Our customer service department makes contact for conversion.