$0.03 CPC*
*Average cost-per-click (or cost per page view) reported by customers who advertised on 40Billion via Promoted Profiles or Promoted Companies. Updated 5/25/2018

$2.42 CPC*
*Average cost-per-click reported by customers who advertised via LinkedIn Ads. Updated 5/25/2018

Take the 40Billion Challenge

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The entrepreneur's dilemma: "Where can I promote my products/services affordably and effectively for my small business startup? Where can I get the biggest bang for my buck when it comes to social media marketing, online advertising, and Internet promotions?"

The answer: Take the 40Billion Challenge, and see for yourself. This advertising challenge between 40Billion and Linkedin draws attention to the problem of access to cost effective Internet marketing for entrepreneurs and startup businesses. Entrepreneurs with limited marketing budgets are always searching for the biggest bang for their advertising buck. 40Billion targets the entrepreneur market with services that favor the needs of entrepreneurs and start-ups. E.g., 40Billion promotes entrepreneurs' profiles and company pages across 4 popular social networking sites - including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and 40Billion - in order to reach a more diverse group of potential customers than LinkedIn alone.

Take the 40Billion Challenge with a small marketing budget of only $20 or more. Use 40Billion and/or LinkedIn to promote your products or services. Then, enter your results below, and we'll help you determine your cost-per-click (CPC). The lower the CPC, the bigger the bang for your buck. So, you decide: Which advertising service gives you the biggest bang for your buck, 40Billion or LinkedIn?

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